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Day 7 – down 2 lbs? maybe?

I think I lost 2 lbs in the 4 days since I weighed in!  YAY!!!! But…we don’t keep the scale on the floor and this morning I discovered that where I place the scale on the floor significantly changes my number.  In the “best” spots I was down 10 lbs (no way, I’d feel a difference in my pants!) and at worst I was getting my start number of 255.2 (so at least I know for sure I didn’t gain).  After positioning it as closely to last week’s spot as I can remember, I am at 253.2 which is a 2 lbs. loss.  I am super pleased with that and I hope it’s accurate!

Today’s mission is to find a way to keep the scale in one place.  Or maybe to somehow mark the place where I will put the scale before I weigh in.  I might just use painters tape to mark a tile square in the laundry room.  Or possibly my bathroom.  The kids think the scale is fun and if I leave it out they will most definitely fiddle with it! 

I am feeling great!!  I would love to say so much more but E needs a diaper change  🙂


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