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Day 2 – finally bought a new scale

Whew!!  I finally made it to Target for a new scale.  I will weigh in tomorrow for my start weight and then weigh in every Monday after that.  I’m going to take my measurements tomorrow, too.

Food wise I did pretty good yesterday and today.  I haven’t done a real workout either day.  I’m really hoping to get on the elliptical tonight but I have 4 loads of laundry to fold and put away, P’s school bag needs new iron on letters, and the kitchen is trashed!  I might have to resort to marching in place and doing jumping jacks while I do other tasks.  Sounds funny but when I was younger that was the kind of stuff I did when I needed to lose weight.  Won’t work as well at 32, I’m sure, but it’s better than nothing!

Are you thinking that if I’m this pressed for time I should get off this blog?????  Ha ha you’re totally right.  But if I’m going to hold myself accountable I want to get in the habit of stopping in here A LOT!

You know, the best thing I’ve done these two day is drinking more water.  Yesterday I drank about 96 oz without even realizing it.  I’ve had almost that much already and it’s only 8:15 pm.  I don’t know which “expert” to believe about how much water is healthy but I am already feeling good so I’m going to keep it up!

Goodnight dear friends!
p.s. I am finding much strength in 3 John 1:2

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